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    Since 1998, Little Minx has championed the careers of outstanding filmmakers who innovate with both creativity and intelligence. As a certified woman-owned production company, we have embraced diversity in our roster, crews, and staff for 26 years. This philosophy of inclusion is more than our mantra—it’s our mission. It’s the reason the company was founded, and it remains the most essential part of everything we do.

    Little Minx has been named a Standout Company on Ad Age’s A List in 2022 and 2024, Founder Rhea Scott was named as a Leading Women in Ad Age in 2023, and Executive Producer Helen Hollien was celebrated in Campaign's 40 Over 40 awards.

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    BiographyMalik Hassan Sayeed

    The “incredible, talented, gifted god of lighting Black folk” (according to cinematographer Bradford Young), Malik Hassan Sayeed started his career as a gaffer on Spike Lee’s Malcolm X. He was quickly promoted to cinematographer on four Spike Lee movies, becoming the youngest African American ever to shoot a feature film. Malik went on to become 2nd unit cinematographer on Stanley Kubrick’s final film Eyes Wide Shut, as well as Andrew Niccol’s award-winning Gattaca.

    Malik joined Little Minx in 1998, and his short film debut (co-directed with Arthur Jafa as part of Little Minx’s acclaimed Exquisite Corpse series) was the first short to open Sundance Film Festival. It also served as inspiration for Barry Jenkins’ Oscar-winning feature, Moonlight.

    In the commercial industry, Malik has worked with high profile brands such as Apple, Gatorade, AT&T, Levi’s, Lexus, and Nike. He also won the VMA for Best Cinematography for Beyonce’s Lemonade. In 2022, Malik was named a visionary director on Adweek's Creative 100 list for his broad range of work.

    Alongside Arthur Jafa and Elissa Blount Moorhead, Malik Hassan Sayeed is the co-founder of TNEG—a motion picture studio whose goal is to create a Black cinema as culturally, socially, and economically central to the 21st century as was black music to the 20th century.

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