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    Founded by Rhea Scott in 1998, Little Minx fosters the growth of outstanding filmmakers who innovate with both creativity and intelligence. As a certified woman-owned production company, we have embraced diversity in our roster, crews, and staff for 22 years. This philosophy of inclusion is more than our mantra—it’s our mission. It’s the reason the company was founded, and it remains the most essential part of everything we do.

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    BiographyGerald McMorrow

    Growing up with an overactive imagination and a self-prescribed diet of movies and comics led Gerald to an inevitable life and career in film. A graduate of the New York Film School, Gerald began his career in the field of music video, writing and directing for artists such as Tom Jones, Catatonia, Ultrasound, ​and many others.

    His career naturally progressed to commercials, picking up awards from the Creative Circle, The Green Awards and The British Television Advertising Awards. His short film Thespian X was awarded the London Film Festival’s first prize as well as being selected for the Panorama at the Berlin Film Festival, New York’s Tribeca Film Festival and was subsequently purchased for distribution by Dimension/ Miramax. Gerald has since written and directed his first feature Franklyn, a noir-esque fantasy-thriller set in London. Franklyn stars Ryan Phillipe, Eva Green, Bernard Hill and Sam Riley and was produced by Oscar-winning Jeremy Thomas Sexy Beast, Young Adam, The Last Emperor.

    Gerald’s style is distinctive; visually striking, skillfully crafted, with a close attention to detail that makes his work immediately recognizable and wonderfully unique. He is based in London and continues to write and work for the screen.