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    Since 1998, Little Minx has championed the careers of outstanding filmmakers who innovate with both creativity and intelligence. As a certified woman-owned production company, we have embraced diversity in our roster, crews, and staff for 24 years. This philosophy of inclusion is more than our mantra—it’s our mission. It’s the reason the company was founded, and it remains the most essential part of everything we do.

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    Born to a churchgoing family in Shreveport, Louisiana, director/artist child. has lived her entire life surrounded by music, art and spirituality. Says child., “my mother used to color and listen to gospel music while I was in her womb.” Clearly, art is in her blood.

    After starting her career as a photographer and creative director, child. went on to work with Mary J. Blige, Doja Cat, Nas, H.E.R., Brittany Howard, Janelle Monáe, Jennifer Hudson, Big Sean, Issa Rae and more. She quickly made a name for herself with her bold, stylized aesthetic, her lush use of light and color, and a storytelling sensibility steeped in the dreamy gothic lyricism of the African American South.

    Honoring her roots while continuing to grow wildly beyond them, child. draws inspiration from sources as varied as Spike Lee, Jean Michel Basquiat, Malik Sayeed and the Bible. She uses a dreamlike visual vernacular to uncover the depths of the black experience, weaving surreal symbolism, richly textured art direction, and surprising narrative flourishes into something that feels both otherworldly and searingly truthful. Though she’s been called a rising star of the film world, child. sees things differently. Says child., “I plan to impact the art world like nothing they’ve ever seen before. I see myself going beyond the stars."