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    Founded by Rhea Scott in 1998, Little Minx fosters the growth of outstanding filmmakers who innovate with both creativity and intelligence. As a certified woman-owned production company, we have embraced diversity in our roster, crews, and staff for 22 years. This philosophy of inclusion is more than our mantra—it’s our mission. It’s the reason the company was founded, and it remains the most essential part of everything we do.

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    BiographyCarissa Gallo

    Carissa grew up in a house devoted to art, literature, and music- borrowing her parents video camera, she spent her childhood writing stories and making them into movies with her siblings and friends. She’s always been obsessed with documenting and creating- which lead her to pick up photography as a teenager. She soon garnered attention in the fashion world, working with many publications, including Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, and Playboy and collaborating with brands like Gucci, Calvin Klein, and Nike.

    This organic growth has fostered a unique vision that allows her to create an environment that feels elevated yet relatable. As a photographer, she has a keen eye for framing and art direction. As a classically trained pianist, she has a deep love for music. And as an avid reader, she knows a good story… All of which make her intricately involved in each facet of creating a world within her film work.

    When she graduated high school she began doing humanitarian and documentary projects in Africa, at which point she met a child who, because of unfolding circumstances, she adopted a few years later. Becoming a mother at a young age has been one of her most transformative experiences. Now as a mother of three, motherhood has fostered her endless urgency and inspiration to create- to share her point of view and in turn affect the climate in which her children are growing up.