Hervé & Francois began their fruitful collaboration on the short Logorama with Little Minx on the helm.  Little Minx teamed Hervé & Francois with writer Gregory Pruss long time collaborator of David Fincher’s, Fincher was also the voice of the Pringles hot and spicy. This team garnered awards at the Cannes Film Festival an Oscar for Best Animated Short and two César Awards, to name a few.

This celebrated duo continues to pioneer, bringing new ideas not only to the commercial and short film genres, but also to the role they play in our culture through their art and video game creativity.

Hervé & Francois quickly jumped into the Ghost Recon Alpha campaign, which boasts a line-up of top Hollywood talent. The script is written by Tim Sexton, Academy Award nominee for Children of Men, and Gregory Pruss. The film was shot by District 9,  Elysium and the latest Marvel comics Captain America cinematographer Trent Opaloch; edited by Pietro Scalia, two-time Academy Award winner for Black Hawk Down and JFK. Sound Effects & Sound Editing: 3 times Oscar winner Per Hallberg Production Design: Jan Roelfs (Gattaca, Alexander, Fast & Furious 6)

The client Ubisoft was so impressed by Hervé and Francois work that they brought them on as creative directors to the game itself. Hervé & Francois still closely work and develop alongside Ubisoft on new games to maintain the same level of excellence that Ubisoft have grown accustomed to.